Let me help you lose weight!

I’m Tova and I help overweight individuals let go of mindset mistakes and behaviors that keep them stuck and unable to reach their weight loss goals.

You CAN reach your healthy weight loss goals!

What I Do

I help overweight individuals lose weight through one on one coaching. Let’s work together on the inner changes and practical strategies that will allow you to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term.

Who I Am

I have a BS in biochemistry and molecular biology, an MBA, and a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from UCSD. I am  a graduate student in a Drama Therapy MA program.

Who I Work With

 I work with  overweight individuals who struggle on diets even though they desperately need to lose weight.

What We Do Together

We’ll identify a healthy diet appropriate for you. Then, I’ll help you navigate the internal and external challenges that in the past have prevented you from reaching your weight management goals.

Ready to Make a Change?

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One on One Coaching

I currently offer one on one personalized weight loss support.

Food Chatter

When your thoughts are consumed with food and eating there is little space left for thoughts about you: who you are, what you want from your life, what matters to you, what you love, what you stand for. When you let go of unhealthy eating habits, you get to start doing something else.

Tova Abelman

About Me

I am passionate about real whole food nutrition. I am an expert at spotting the thinking errors, mindset mistakes, and behaviors that keep people stuck in a cycle of poor eating choices that result in unhealthy weight.

My goal is to help you lose weight and keep that weight off long term.