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I work with people who are introspective, creative, and want aĀ holistic approach for cultivating greater wellness and wellbeing

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Exploring the current state of your wellness and wellbeing domains such as nutrition, sleep, restoration, movement, relationships (to self, others, nature), sense of meaning and purpose, spirituality, play, creativity, curiosity, compassion, self compassion, and self care practices to help you….lose weight, improve your relationships, benefit decision making, change behaviors that are not serving you, and cultivate peace within.

Identifying practices that can optimize these and other domains

Developing a flexible and personal holistic wellness and wellbeing plan

Creative self exploration using Card Play to foster greater personal insight and self awareness Greater self awareness can benefit decision making, relationships, wellbeing, behavior change, and peace within.

Overcoming a sense of ‘stuckness’ in life & finding meaning

Processing a breakup and helping you move forward in your search for love with greater self awareness and intention

Helping you show up in your life with greater presence, intention, creativity, and purpose

Examples of goals you might choose:

Current Group Workshopsā€” Email me if interestedā€”tovaabelmancoaching@gmail.com

Overcoming Emotional Eating Using the WHOLE HEALTH CARD DECK: Online Group

StoryCraft: Online Group

Overcoming Emotional Eating: Online Group

Wellness & Wellbeing (‘Improv for Personal Growth‘): Online Group

Card Play: Ongoing Online Group

Why a Holistic Approach to Wellness & Wellbeing

Our bodies and minds are connected and influence one another. Looking at only the body, for example focusing on nutrition or physical activity, ignores the powerful roles other domains like thinking, relationships, sense of meaning and purpose, and connection to nature can play in wellness and wellbeing. 

My approach integrates sound lifestyle habits, relationships to self and others, spirituality, and cultivating meaning and purposeā€” essentially addressing mind body and spirit to support self growth, empowerment, wellness, and wellbeing.

It is difficult to be creative, to live fully and optimally, and engage as our highest self when we don’t care for our physical bodiesā€” when we aren’t nourished, hydrated, well rested, or moving regularly. It is also difficult when we are under the spell of rigid, restrictive narratives and beliefsā€” about ourselves, other people, and the world, when we don’t take time to restore our body/mind/soul, and when we lack meaningful connections with others.

There are numerous components that influence wellness and wellbeingā€” your relationship with yourself, with other people, rest, sleep, movement, nutrition, mindfulness, the space you’re in, sunlight, hydration, spirituality, community, laughter, play, compassion, forgiveness, self care, and more. That’s why having a holistic framework that acknowledges and integrates these varied pieces is so important in addressing wellness and wellbeing.

I’ve been in the health and wellness space for over a decade. After I graduated with my MBA I got to work creating apps to support weight loss, expanded into weight loss coaching, and went back to school to earn my MA in Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Drama Therapy. During my graduate drama therapy program all my education and experience coalesced into a framework to support wellness and wellbeing:

This essentially represents the intersectionality between our minds, bodies, and relationships (to self and others) and the primacy of experiences. Reading about holistic wellness and wellbeing practices without taking action, including internal actions, is unlikely to lead to change. 

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Some testimonials from people Iā€™ve worked withā€¦

ā€¦On Emotional Eating & Wellness/Wellbeingā€”

Every day I use the skills I learned working with Tova. They have had a major impact in reducing my emotional eating and in improving my overall wellness. Embodied and interactive activities helped me move outside my comfort zone in fun and creative ways. Instructive lessons helped me understand the why behind the activities we did. I was gratified by how I was able to gain new insights and shift my perspective in positive ways that had an immediate impact on my wellbeing.  She is a skilled and intuitive listener who creates a safe space in which to practice new skills.  I have benefitted so much from the time I spent working with Tova. 

ā€¦On Emotional Eating & Wellness/Wellbeingā€”

I had an Amazing experience in Tovaā€™s Emotional Eating and Wellness workshops. She has a very special way of providing a fun space where I can explore the most vulnerable parts of me. She guided me to reconnect to the power I have within and she brings them out through play! I highly recommend Tova! 

ā€¦On Wellness/Wellbeingā€”

Just wanted to appreciate and acknowledge you for your skills and mastery.  I am impressed by your patience, sensitivity with your gentle nudging and prodding of participants during your exercises. You have created a playful, fun, creative and safe place for everyone to express themselves and to explore their individual and group experience. You have mastered that elusive space between guiding and encouraging yet allowing and creating a space for participants to feel uncomfortable and accept their own self-discovery journeys.

I created, wrote, and produced this deck of 50 practices intended to support wellness & wellbeing. It's now available for purchase on Etsy and Amazon!

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