I offer online individual and group coaching. I work with clients on emotional eating, weight loss, improving interpersonal relationships, and enhancing overall wellness and wellbeing. Click the button below for more information on working with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Current Workshops:

Together We'll Work On...

—Nutrition. Most diets don’t present a clear roadmap for transforming short term restriction into a sustainable healthy way of eating. I’ll help you figure out a healthy way to eat long term.

—Junk food cravings. Some diets allow you to eat unhealthy foods in moderation. If you’re obese or overweight and struggling with cravings on a diet that includes junk food “in moderation”, that might be the problem. My eating approach eliminates all added sugars and processed junk food. Don’t worry, you will get a lot of support from me on this! 

—Mindset. We’ll explore your thought processes related to food, weight management, and ultimately yourself. This is an area many diets don’t focus on in any meaningful way. 

—Logistics. This includes meal planning, finding healthy recipes, and navigating the day to day of your life without compromising your healthy eating values. It can be a challenge to eat healthy, but now you will have me to support and guide your efforts!

—Lifestyle. I take a holistic approach to weight issues. In addition to your diet, other factors can impact your weight such as sleep and stress. We’ll discuss these.

—Issues relevant to you. You might be struggling in very specific ways unique to you. Let’s talk about it. 

You don’t need another diet. You need to uncover all the reasons junk food has taken priority over your health and your weight, over and over again. 

A Healthy Diet Grounded In Real Whole Food Is Your Weight Loss Foundation