Hi, I'm Tova!

My Approach

Food is powerful. It impacts health and wellbeing in profound ways. However, diet alone is not the solution for most people who struggle with emotional eating and binge eating. The other realms of our life matter: sleep, physical activity, time in nature, relationships (to others and to ourselves), jobs and education, hobbies, and how we relate and respond to our internal life including our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

I’m a student in a counseling psychology graduate program. That means I have a lot of education and training in working with people. I also have a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, an MBA, and a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from UCSD Extension.

Our experiences and behaviors occur within various contexts. That means your eating struggles have a purpose and function within a specific context unique to you. We do not exist in isolation. The events, people, and circumstances of our lives, the meanings we give to these elements, and the ways we relate to them, impact us and our eating.  

Your emotional eating/binge eating is comprised of behaviors that are largely learned. This means your eating behaviors were shaped and influenced by your life experiences. There is a key reason why you binge and/or emotionally eat: you learned to. 

Your struggles with food, whatever they may be, make sense in a particular context. Your experience has shaped your behavior. And behaviors can be changed.

I take a holistic perspective on your eating struggles. Diet is important. But equally important domains to address include your social connections; your relationship to your internal world of thoughts, memories, emotions, physical sensations; sleep; stress; physical activity & movement; restoration and leisure; self care; and more because they all impact you. You can think of them like invisible dynamics and forces that effect you. 

Your struggles with eating are processes. Binge eating doesn’t come out of nowhere, even thought it can feel very chaotic and out of your control. You can disrupt the patterns that keep you stuck. 


Some things to keep in mind as you navigate your healthy eating path

I want to underscore the importance of a foundation in real whole nutrient dense food and the elimination of processed food and added sugar.

Tova Abelman

…on diet

Having healthy well-constructed guidelines around your eating or some kind of structure is very important. Because then you only have one rule to follow: Follow Your Food Plan. Watch and manage anything that tries to take you off that path.

Tova Abelman

…on structured eating

When you give up unhealthy eating habits it can be like ripping off a bandaid, leaving you exposed and raw to the world. This is an opportunity for your personal growth. Now you can make changes in your life that have little to do with food and much more to do with your happiness and wellbeing.  

Tova Abelman

…on changing eating habits

What Can I Do for You?

My approach to helping you change your eating includes:

Focus on Real Whole Food

No diet gimmicks.  I will help you create a flexible healthy eating program that works for you. 

Cravings & Mindset

Cravings are one of the greatest challenges when it comes to sustaining healthy behaviors! My solution addresses the underlying biology of cravings as well as the emotional components.

Logistics and Planning

I’ll help you identify exactly what you need to do to start turning your healthy lifestyle into a reality. From finding recipes to navigating a restaurant, we’ll work on the nuts and bolts of implementing change.


I’d be happy to hear from you!