Whole Health Mindful Behavior App

This is an app I created! Find it in the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Check out my video all about the app on YouTube!

Whole Health Mindful Behavior encourages healthy behaviors with small challenges & rewarding users with points. Get back in control of your weight and health!

A fun and effective holistic program for changing behavior, enhancing wellness, and engaging more fully in your life. Whole Health Mindful Behavior is designed by ME, Tova, to help you let go of self-defeating behaviors and get you back in control of your weight and health. Supported by evidence-based interventions from psychology and nutrition science, we designed an app to help you sustainably live a healthy life— in both mind and body.

Each day you are presented with new challenges to help you change your lifestyle for the better. Choose up to 3 every day. Earn points for the challenges you complete. If you need more individual help, you can use these points for discounted personal coaching from a Holistic Wellness Consultant (me!).

Whole Health uses principles from CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and integrative health.

This app will help you with weight loss, healthy lifestyle without a diet, nutrition, emotions, emotional eating, losing weight, mindfulness, exercise, binge eating and mindful eating.

I created, wrote, and produced this deck of 50 practices intended to support wellness & wellbeing. It's now available for purchase on Etsy and Amazon!

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