Card Play

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Come learn all about the Card Play process and how it can help you explore the nuances and complexities of your life! Card Play is a creative process intended to help you look at aspects of yourself and your life from different perspectives to generate awareness, new insights, and possibilities. It works with story, metaphor, symbols, and parts of self/inner roles primarily using different types of cards. After an introduction to Card Play I’ll share a Card Play activity.

Card Play Blog Posts:

Introduction to Card Play— A Creative Process Using the Power of Story, Symbol, Imagery, & Metaphor to Support Personal Growth & Wellness

Card Play Props

Working With Images in Card Play: Symbols, Associations, ‘Randomness’

Card Play Practice: Weekly Guide Card

I created, wrote, and produced this deck of 50 practices intended to support wellness & wellbeing. It's now available for purchase on Etsy and Amazon!

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