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No sugar in my coffee!

You KNOW foods with added sugar are derailing your weight loss. Cravings, feelings of deprivation, and an inability to lose weight are all signs you could use a week (at least!) without junk food.

I designed this challenge to guide and support you in taking an important step towards reaching your weight loss goal.

The No Added Sugar Challenge Is About:

  1. Giving up foods with added sugar (including artificial sweeteners!) for 7 days— and ideally much longer than 7 days!
  2. Learning skills for quick success such as clearing out your pantry and reading food labels.
  3. Learning basic principles of sound nutrition.
  4. Keeping the focus on ABUNDANCE: Eat mostly real whole food that fills you up so you have energy to engage meaningfully in life.
  5. Being part of an online Facebook group where you can connect with me and others for support!
  6. Giving yourself the gift of 7 days of healthy eating.
  7. Learning alternative, healthier ways to treat yourself and indulge.

The No Added Sugar Challenge Is NOT About:

  1. “Detoxing”
  2. Becoming a super skinny model
  3. Unrealistic expectations
  4. Deprivation

Eating “healthier” can feel overwhelming— all the different diets and rules— can make it hard to figure out where to even start!

The most important thing you can do for your weight and your overall health is give up processed junk foods with added sugar!

When you sign up for my free 7 Day No Added Sugar Challenge you’ll get daily info, tips, and strategies to help you shift towards healthier foods and break free from sugar cravings as well as support and accountability. Sign up by clicking below:

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