Managing Your Urges to Break Your Healthy Eating Plan

First, it can be helpful to identify exactly what your healthy eating plan entails. Specific eating programs can be helpful in terms of providing suggested types of foods to eat. At a minimum it is very important to eliminate added sugars and refined,. processed carbohydrates. Ultraprocessed foods drive overeating and will make it very difficult …

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The Role of Relationships in Overeating

Reflect on the role your interpersonal relationships have on your eating. Consider the impact of work relationships, family, romantic partners, and friends. An interpersonal relationship is one you have with other people, and these can play a significant role in overeating. This is especially true when these relationship dynamics fuel a negative emotional state. Ask …

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Depths of Improv

I’ve been studying improv for…awhile. Improv was a huge factor in my decision to enroll in a drama therapy master’s program. Improv has inadvertently become a big part of my life. Through my drama therapy education and passion for psychology and creative expression, I’ve given a lot of thought to how improv can facilitate and …

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