Having a sense of your values can be helpful in a variety of situations. Values can be a compass, guiding you through the rhythms of your life experiences. They can inspire values-based actions, in which you act in accordance with what you value. You might value different things on different days. You may have certain values related to work, and different values related to your personal relationships. There are many ways to work with values.

Here is one way to get started on identifying your core values:

  1. Create three separate piles: Very Important To Me; Important To Me; Not Important To Me
  2. Sort the values from the list below into the three piles. No need to overthink this!
  3. From the Very Important Pile, choose your top 5 values.
  4. Repeat this activity as often as you like.

Next time you find yourself struggling with cravings, urges to eat, distress, or engaging in negative self-talk, try to refocus on your values. How can you redirect your attention towards what is meaningful to you?

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