Scheduling Activities

It can be very challenging to find time for hobbies, social events, physical activity, and down time in general. It is so important to carve out some time to engage in these healthy behaviors, especially physical activity. 

If the thought of this feels overwhelming, a first step might be writing down how you spend your time. See where you can make adjustments for hobbies, physical activity, and social events. What is a manageable amount of time for you? 

Look at your sleep: When do you go to bed, and when do you wake up? These times should generally be consistent throughout the week. If sleep is a problematic area for you, I encourage you to focus on getting better sleep because it is so crucial for mental and physical health.

Make a list of hobbies you enjoy. Your list could include current hobbies, past hobbies, thing you want to learn/try, etc. Next, pick one or two of these that are most interesting to you. Schedule when you’ll do these things, either some time each day or during the week. 

Next, consider your social connections. Social connection is hugely beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Here are some ways to increase your social connections: 

Sign up for adult classes (maybe related to one of your hobbies)

Take a class at your gym (maybe related to your physical activity)

Join a group— check out and Facebook


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