Weight Loss Tip: Start Your Day With a High Protein Breakfast

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Eating a lot of sugar and carbs, especially with minimal fiber, protein, and fat to slow their absorption, spikes insulin. Weight loss is about hormones, not calories. You may have experienced this: eating a high carb, high sugar breakfast, and then in a few hours experiencing cravings for more food. Eating a breakfast full of satiating protein, fiber, and healthy fats can support more stable blood sugar levels. 

My favorite high protein satiating breakfasts are usually either a bowl of organic grass fed plain yogurt made from A2 milk with organic A2 grass fed kefir, a tiny sprinkle of seeds, berries, and unsweetened chocolate chips or some organic pasture-raised eggs with lots of non starchy veggies and some kind of high quality protein like wild salmon or organic grass fed ground beef. 

A good starting point is creating a filling breakfast consisting of real whole unprocessed foods. 

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