Treat Yourself Without Food

Food is often inaccurately perceived as a “treat” or a “reward”. But it isn’t. The real treat and reward is reaching your weight loss goal. The real treat is good health. The real reward is engaging meaningfully in your life, to be able do things that matter to you and that bring you joy.

Finding ways to treat and reward yourself without food is an important part of your healthy weight loss journey. You deserve credit for consistently engaging in healthy habits. You deserve to treat yourself. You can do both without food. Here is a list of 60 ways to treat yourself without food.

  1. Give yourself credit. Acknowledge your effort, whether it’s because you finished a difficult work project or did some yoga.
  2. Buy yourself flowers or a new houseplant. A simple bouquet or a potted plant can be beautiful additions to your space. 
  3. Listen to a podcast that interests you. Listen to at least one episode as a reward for your hard work and dedication to reaching your weight loss goals. There are podcasts on a variety of topics. You might even discover a new hobby or interest. 
  4. Schedule time to do any activity you enjoy. Spend at least 30 minutes today doing any activity/hobby you enjoy.
  5. Browse your local bookstore, library, or Amazon. Check out new books on your platform/retailer of choice. Let your curiosity guide you to books and subjects that interest you. 
  6. Download some new music. Reward yourself by spending at least 15 minutes browsing and even downloading/purchasing some new music. Music can impact your mood.
  7. Buy yourself a gift. Buy a small item for your home or work space. Choose something that inspires you and/or makes you happy.
  8. Watch a movie.
  9. Try a new workout.
  10. Light a scented candle.
  11. Take a luxurious bath.
  12. Go for a walk.
  13. Treat yourself to a nice new body lotion.
  14. Take a nap.
  15. Watch a YouTube tutorial and try something new.
  16. Change your bedsheets.
  17. Sign for a class you’ve been wanting to take.
  18. Give yourself a break: let the household chores just be for a day.
  19. Buy something to brighten up your work or home space. A simple pillow, a cozy blanket, new pens, a lamp…
  20. Give yourself a lot of time to watch an entire series on Netflix/AmazonPrime/Disney+/Hulu/etc
  21. Buy new workout clothes.
  22. Take some time to do your hair/makeup. Even if you aren’t going anywhere.
  23. Call a close friend or family member.
  24. Spend time in nature.
  25. Color something/do an art project.
  26. Buy a new kitchen appliance. This will help you continue making and exploring healthy foods.
  27. Get some new shoes. Heels, flats, gym shoes…
  28. Write in a journal.
  29. Listen to an inspirational TED talk or other lecture.
  30. Check out the Free section on Craigslist and grab something that interests you.
  31. Try a YouTube dance tutorial
  32. Watch your favorite childhood movie or show.
  33. Visit a pet store
  34. Play video games for an hour
  35. Put together a puzzle
  36. Build a sand castle
  37. Visit local haunted places
  38. Let your intuition be your guide with a deck of tarot and/or oracle cards
  39. Blow bubbles
  40. Fly a kite
  41. Watch comedy and improv on YouTube
  42. Play with your pet
  43. Hula Hoop
  44. Go to the ocean (or mountains, or desert…)
  45. Learn a magic trick
  46. Tell someone about your accomplishment. Accept their approval/praise/compliment without discounting it. Go you!
  47. PJ day all day.
  48. Be present. Simply allow yourself to be in whatever moment you are in. Engage fully with your life for at least 5 minutes.
  49. Sit in a garden
  50. Get some glow in the dark stars and put them on your walls.
  51. Buy some stickers.
  52. Make a collage
  53. Listen to a motivating podcast.
  54. Volunteer
  55. Remind yourself of your progress. Try using some affirmation/words of wisdom/quotes.
  56. Do something you’ve been meaning/wanting to do.
  57. Spend time with your kids
  58. Create a private space in your home where you can relax. You might include some plants, sparkly rocks, photos, or anything else that makes you feel peaceful.
  59. Take photos of anything you like.
  60. Start a new hobby

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