The Role of Relationships in Overeating

Reflect on the role your interpersonal relationships have on your eating. Consider the impact of work relationships, family, romantic partners, and friends. An interpersonal relationship is one you have with other people, and these can play a significant role in overeating. This is especially true when these relationship dynamics fuel a negative emotional state. Ask yourself:

  • Are there certain people or certain social situations that seem especially triggering for you?
  • What is it about these people or situations that is especially difficult for you?
  • Can you change anything about these relationships or how you interact with these people?
  • What about these people and relationships can you work to tolerate and accept?
  • What are some skills that might support you?

Having healthy relationships with other people is an important element in being able to overcome overeating. Nurturing supportive relationships with others can involve setting boundaries, letting go of people, and challenging ourselves to look within at our own role in any disharmony.

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